Things I am a Hypocrite About: Part II

Principle: One of my biggest pet peeves is Hollywood naming movies after famous songs. It’s awful.
Hypocrisy: I’ve been able to quote every line of “Girls Just Want to Have Fun: The Movie” since I was 8 years old.



Principle: I advocate for suicide awareness and prevention, having served on a committee of volunteers for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention for three years now.
Hypocrisy: I strongly believe in the right to die and advocate for its legalization everywhere. I plan to exercise this right should my health reach a turning point when I am a senior citizen and, frankly, I much prefer that method than slow deterioration at the expense of my loved ones’ resources.

Principle: I tried to read both Twilight and  50 Shades and couldn’t stomach either despite my earnest attempts to understand the appeal. They’re cringeworthy garbage…
Hypocrisy:have read Steve-O’s book and watched every single “Jackass” thing that’s ever been released… multiple times. I like my garbage to be self-realized, I guess.

Principle: Women deserve just as much of a social platform as men and it’s wonderful that we’re finally getting representation in so many facets. Even if its often used as a PR maneuver from various media at the moment, after awhile it will be the norm and this makes me happy.
Hypocrisy: “The View” is embarrassing drivel. I’m embarrassed it’s still on the air. And WHAT HAPPENED, Whoopi?! None of this is helping. I’ll protect your right to produce it, but I’m gonna continue to be bothered every time I have to see it in some medical waiting room.

Principle: I’m very comfortable with nudity. I’ve been working on and off as a nude/artist’s model for the last 16 years and feel very comfortable posing without anything on.
Hypocrisy: I started believing that women my size/shape “shouldn’t” wear shorts around the time I was 18. Other than a few times at the gym and over a bathing suit, I haven’t worn a single pair in public since the summer of ’99. I gotta change that.


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